Olive oil

La Rivayne is above all a farm which cultivates among others 700 olive trees of Aglandau variety.

Because of a big drought during year 2017, our harvest of olives and thus our production of oil was very low.

We propose you two different oil extra virgin :

Fruity green
The vintage is very fresh in the nose. The aromatic obstinacy reveals to the palace an attractive pallet of flavors : artichoke vineyard, almond, apple and plant of tomato. The bitterness is subtle and the ardence or peppered sensation, appears after a few seconds in mouth.
Suggestion of use:
Fruity green is a delicate, complex and harmonious olive oil which it is advisable to use in net with vineyard. She(it) comes to light as well on hot and cooked dishes such as vegetables in the vapor, the fishes, the fresh pasta that on salads green.

Fruity black
The vintage is going to delight the amateurs of fruity black. It presents all the positive attributes of the aromatic pallet : black tapenade, crystallized olive, cocoa, vanilla, candied fruits to end on aromas of truffle and big sweetness in mouth.
Suggestion of use:
Fruity black is used under cold conditions in the salad, to take up a mayonnaise or an aioli and in net on fishes, mushrooms and mashed potato.


The olive oil is packaged in 2 sizes :

  • 1 liter (2,11 pint - 33,8 fl oz) in a metal bottle ... ideal for use on your table or for your gifts
  • 3 liters (6,3 pint - 101,4 fl oz) in a plastic can

    We send our olive oil all around the world, don't hesitate to contact us for your orders.